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Our Services

Electrical Plans for Construction


As a consulting engineering professional services corporation,  Ricardo Rodriguez del Valle - Ingenieros Consultores CSP is well suited for design projects ranging from interior electrical designs to exterior site lighting, power and telecommunications distribution. Our services include coordination and approval with the authorities having jurisdiction with regards to the project's electrical phase.

Design Services


In addition to interiors electrical design, our services include electrical design of substations, electrical site distribution, power lines design and power generation. Design work is performed according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) National Electrical Code(NEC), National Electrical Safety Code, PREPA and JRTPR Government Agencies requirements.

Plans Permits and Approvals


It's important to be able to provide all the required endorsements of a construction project.  At Ricardo Rodriguez del Valle - Ingenieros Consultores CSP, we work with the agencies approvals for projects that we design and require endorsement from the P.R. Government Agencies.

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